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AI Raiding
« on: July 28, 2007, 12:01:48 pm »
Members of ~Spirit~ have access to raid in both the city owned by ~Spirit~ as well as in PASTAFARI (Formally ~ICF~). These rules will apply to raiding in both cities.

General AI Raiding Rules

1) - It is the job of the host to ensure a member of ~Spirit~ (or PASTAFARI if raiding their city) with the rank of Squad Commander or higher (SQ, General, President) will be present both at the start of the raid to decloak and 1hr after the raid is started to recloak the city so as to prevent unplanned attacks.

2) - Before the raid, the leader must have sufficient CRU to fill the CC to the desired point as well as at least 10% excess to fill the CC back up should it fall below 10%

Note: For PASTAFARI, CC must be recharged to 100% after the raid.

3) - A tax of 10% of the Open Market Value will be levied and paid into the org bank on ANY Lead Viralbots that drop from the General and the Admiral on an AI raid. (9% if sold through Org shop)

4) - After the raid finishes the CC must be left with between 10% and 50% CRU, or 100% for PASTAFARI

Org AI Raid

1) - The raid must have a RaidLeader (RL) of SC rank or above who will be responsible for the running of the raid. All raiders must follow the commands of the RL.

2) - The RL should take ~Spirit~ members wherever possible. He may make exceptions if he believes the player to be unsuitable for the team (i.e. 40 levels below the other raiders, or asking for the 6th spot when the team needs a doctor)

3) - Any bots will either be sold by the RL on the open market, or sold to a member of the raid (if multiple players are interested, then the right to buy will be rolled for) at a 20%discount after the org tax has been deducted. The provider of the CRU will be reimbursed at a rate of 10k/ql from the proceeds of the sale. The remaining credits will be distributed evenly amongst the org members present on the raid by the RL after the sale of the bots.

4) - Boss Loot will be rolled by the RL amongst any parties interested and involved in the raid. If an item is unwanted by any raider present on the raid, it will be announced in ~Spirit~ Chat and the recipient will be chosen by the RL on a most-needed basis. After the recipient has been chosen, the RL will announce this in ~Spirit~ Chat asap

5) - Normal Loot (weapons, clumps, ets) dropping from non bosses is FFA.

6) - Should it be required to take an outsider onto an org raid (i.e. doc, tank etc), it is at the discretion of the RaidLeader whether this person is included in the boss loot rolls and/or Viralbot profit split.

Outside Org Team AI Raids

Org should be given priority, therefore all raids should be opened to org mates before taking member from lft and hence follow the rules of coduct listed for Org AI Raids.

Solo and Farm AI Raids

Farm AI raiding is currently prohibited in the ~Spirit~ City, for rules on city farming in PASTAFARI, see the AI Farm Raiding section

Amended by Voriuste to update org name and PASTAFARI CC% rules.
Amended by Forek to update rules on AI Farm Raids
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