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Org Rules
« on: December 18, 2006, 04:58:58 pm »
Pretty simple here.

1) No Clan Ganking: Clan ganking is BAD, for you and for us and the whole side, and this is one of those offenses that can get you an immediate kick, though we try to get the fair scoop first.

2) Language:  We have players of all ages in the org, from kids in school to their parents, so it's very important to keep org chat clean.
Rude/arrogant players are more likely to be insta-kicked too. We deal with our fellow orgmates with honor and kindness.

3) Ninjalooting is bad. Very bad. KS/OD isn't something we recommend, but not strictly forbidden as long as you respect the standard game rules and honestly deal with other clanners. However, KSing an orgmate is not something we can tolerate.

4) Training, same thing.  We don't like hearing that my orgmates went and trained some poor soul trying to get from point A to B and on top of that, it's a BANNABLE offense, no, no, a thousand times no.

5)  Register all of your alts with the bot by using the !alts add "nameofalt" command, even for toons that aren't in the org.

6) Devotion to the org. We expect our guildies to show loyalty to org.
The general idea is that if you move your main to another org having lvld it here,pls dont expect to keep your alts here to use the org to lvl them too

7) Bots are handy things for doing math, figuring out items and OE values and whatnot.  Also can be really spammy, especially in an org as active as ours.  Please keep bot commands to tells unless you're showing someone else in org chat something.  !news and !online are the common exceptions.  Usually, it helps to have macroed somewhere the following: /macro BOT /tell Anarchybot

Rules apply to every single member. No matter their rank, level, or w/e.
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