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Title: AI Farm Raiding
Post by: Faelswoop on May 30, 2009, 02:42:06 pm
Ok guys, I'm sure you've all heard the few inklings that we're attempting to open up Pastafari's city to farm AI raids. The officers have, over the past couple of weeks, been testing a couple of potential raiding guidelines. All of the officers do appreciate everyone's understanding during this trial period because we know it is hard to be told you can't do something but we can. So here are the guidelines which we are setting in place.

- Pastafari is the designated Farming City
- In order to drop the cloak, you must find an officer (Squad Commander and higher) to do so.
- If any Lead Bots drop, you must deposit 20% of the (lowest) price of the bot into the org bank (deposit to Spiritcreds toon, til further notice). The price of the bot can be found on the GMS. This applies whether you keep the bots or sell them.
- U must have ur own CRU to fill the CC (100% is best u can do)

Lets go over some other notes.

- If you have towers, and you switch to Pastafari to raid, you will lose those towers. So be prepared to either replant those towers after the raid or donate the spot to someone else.
- Use common courtesy when farming. For example, if you've raided 5 times in one day and the next time the cloak can be dropped, you and someone else want to raid, give them a shot perhaps. In other words, don't be greedy.
- Hiding or attempting to hide bot drops from the org and its members will not be tolerated. We are all a family in this org and by no means should you "steal" from your family. Purposely doing so, will result in /org kick.
- Spirit's city is not to be used as a raiding venue.
- Before u do a Farmraid always ask if anyone wants to do a normal raid with u as ~Spirit~ as an org doesnt support solo raiding but raiding together. So normal org AI raids have a priority above farm raids. As officers need to drop the cloak for u they will remind u to ask for a normal AI raid before u farm.

- In order to be allowed to raid the city, you must make a Reply Post stating that you've read these rules. To do this u now have to go to the new topic as non-SC+ members cant post in rules as a protection for themselfs and others. The topic to post under is This one (http://www.spiritofao.com/forums/index.php?topic=1029.new#new) pls read it carefully as u read the rules.

Editted CRU rule and new signature thread (Metafly7)
Editted #2: Added the Orgraid before farmraid rule and deleted the 500k upfront fee and changed 15% into 20%
Title: Re: AI Farm Raiding
Post by: Metafly7 on July 13, 2009, 05:41:41 pm
Due to recent activity and revision about how farming in Spirit will be dealt with there have been made some slight changes. Please reread the rules before u start a farm raid.

As an org we want to work together not compete over who has the most money. (Eints wins that anyway). So therefor we changed the rules a little bit in order to support org activity more and individual activity less.

This is not realy the place to do it but also be reminded that ur interrested in ppl loggin on, so a hello everytime someone logs on that u dont miss, is appreciated and get urself more involved with the org aswell.